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Now offering $25 Hand Wash and Wax

Padre Detail@gmail.com is proud to offer a new service for the Coastal Bend. Get a high quality hand wash and wax for 25 dollars.  Call (361) 248-8303 for appointment today.

This includes Caranuba wax treatment along with wheels and exterior windows.  Paint Correction and Interior work is available.

If you want your vehicle gorgeous,  see us.

Our method has been described by car dealers as a miracle method.   Now, you can receive the same service that they rave about.

We offer Eco Safe products and Professional service at a budget price.   Not only is our method safe for the Ecosystem, and your pocketbook,  but we also pride ourselves for using Water Conservative methods.   This means that you will not have a lake at the end of your driveway



This offer  for 25 dollar service is for all sizes of normal passenger vehicles.  Suburbans, Vans, Expeditions, Trucks and SUVs are applicable for 25 dollar service.  However, on these oversized vehicles, we do not clean the roof. Vehicles must be in the Corpus Christi area. Additional charge for Portland, Rockport, Ingleside, and Port Aransas.

Quotes over the phone are for approximation only,  they are nonbinding. Customer is responsible for knowledge that additional charges may exist for excessive bug splatter or overly dirty exteriors.

Reader Discount-

Limited Time Offer: 3 vehicles for the price of 2 must mention this offer to receive discount.   We also offer Military, Senior and New Customer Discounts.  Offers and Discounts may not be combined with another



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Words Kill Your Business


Food for Thought

Whether you are describing your business, or describing your competitors, you must be cautious when deciding what words to use.  One of the quickest ways to lose a customer is to talk bad about your competition.

Customers don’t want to hear you complain or talk ill of anyone.  What is to stop you from doing the same about them?  They are asking you to get their car perfect and you could make them feel too self conscious to voice their concerns.In addition to offending a customer, your words can also gain you customers.

For a small business owner, the choice of words is one of the most important that the owner can make.  It is these choices that can set their business apart from the crowd, or make it get lost in it.  How does this apply to Automobile Detailing?

Lets imagine that two exact companies both were lobbying for your business.  Each owner takes the time to describe their business and their service.  Let us also assume that the price and the apparent quality seem the same.  How do you choose to go with owner 1 over owner 2?  You choose over words.  You choose how they describe their business.

If owner 1 describes their service as a Wash, Polish and Wax you get the idea of their product. However, if owner 2 describes their service as a Hand Wash, Clay Decontamination, multiple step polish, and a hand applied wax, then you might get the feeling that there is more passion behind owner 2.  While this might not be the case, it is how the customer views it.


Your words is part of your craft.

Your words is part of your passion

Your words is part of your paycheck.


Keep that in mind and watch this video.  It should give you some insight into how words can change the world and how easy changing your words can be.



By: William Brower – owner of Padre Detail


Eco Friendly Vehicle Restoration. Professional Auto Detailing Services



Proudly serving the Corpus Christi area. We bring our team of Professionals Auto Detailing Recovery Experts to your home or business.  We specialize in Paint Polishing and coatings to help it last years.   We offer full interior and exterior details.  Visit PadreDetail.com where we have an eye for details. We even offer marketing services for small businesses.   Have your vehicle looking great for the opening of Schlitterbahn.  Call us today at (361) 248-8303 for your appointment today.